Share My Location

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Share My Location

Share My Location enables you to share your location, not just once, but continuously as you travel. Share My Location is great for parents with students who travel on public transport, great for catching up and knowing how long people will be. Share My Location will be one of those applications that makes your life easier.

  • Press or click the Share On button
  • Click on the link Share My Location via email and send an email,
  • Click on the link to send an SMS on Android or iOS devices

When you share your location, Share My Location creates a session. The session is unique and no personally identifiable information is required. When you turn sharing off the session is deleted. Because there's many ways you can be interrupted, the page gets refreshed, or you close and reopen the page, the session is kept. The person watching can use the link you previously sent or you can reshare the link. Sessions if not deleted, expire after 24 hours.

Keep Page Alive

Keep Page Alive if pressed will keep the focus on the web page. With web apps there's no standard way to keep the page alive so after a while the screen save kicks in. If this happens updating of your location is lost. Click on Keep Page Alive so the web page remains active. This won't get around the issue of other applications getting the focus, but hopefully this enhancement makes this site better for people.

When Keep Page Alive is pressed the icon for the web app appears as an animation.


  • On mobile devices sharing halts if the browser loses focus, such as when you perform another task. Make the browser active again and sharing will continue. (NOTE: The Keep Page Alive option has recently been added to help with this issue.)
  • Every session is separate. If you end a session by clicking on Share Off, you'll need to send a new email with the new session link.
  • The link you send takes the person to a watch page where they can watch your journey. They can reopen the watch page as often as they like until you stop sharing. For a full screen map the person can click on the icon in the top right of the map to show the map in fully screen.
  • If you close the browser whilst running Share My Location, either by closing, pressing Home, opening another app, or locking your phone, Share My Location will be suspended. If you Open the browser again and the share your location link is still displayed, your location will start being shared again. If the Share On button is shown (not Share Off) the page has reloaded. Press Share On and the previous session will continue. Links are provided to reshare if needed.
  • In Safari on an iOS device, opening another tab will suspend sharing. Other browsers such as Chrome and Opera, continue to share your location if the tab is in the background. Sometimes it may be better to use a different browser.
  • Be aware that Google's Gmail (and perhaps other mail clients) my treat a short email with a link as suspicious. The email may end in the spam folder so get recipients to check their spam folder.
  • Minimise the screen brightness to reduce battery usage.


  • Let someone know you're on your way and use Share My Location so they can better know how long you'll be.
  • Need to pick someone up from public transport. Get them to share their location and you can then be there when they arrive rather than waiting around.
  • Help someone who is lost or needs directions.
  • Stuck in traffic. Ask a friend to look for a better route for you using the traffic option.
  • Car broken down and you need to help. This will let them know you're on your way.
  • Students using public transport can now let their parents know where they are.
  • Meeting someone. Now you can both let each other know how far away you are at all times.
  • Have fun with Share My Location. With a bit of imagination it can be the basis of some real world activities.
  • Tablets without a mobile phone connection and/or a GPS capability can now be used to view a larger map than the smaller mobile phone
  • Without a SIM card the iPad with a SIM card slot loses the ability to use GPS. Now the iPad can be used to track your current location without signing up to a telco's service.


Share My Location comes with no warranty express or implied. It is not guaranteed to be error free or suitable for any particular purpose.

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$50 credit on 1st order.
Nutritional home cooked meals for $3.25 pp.
Visit HelloFresh for more information.